Transforming the humble green bean into a sublime coffee experience

In 1975 Gourmet Gold started their first family retail store “Cremorne Coffee & Tea”.  Two years later a second store, “Coffee Tea Or”, opened in Neutral Bay with wholesale roasting on a 10kg Greek “commercial coffee roaster”.  In 1982 Gourmet Gold established their roasting plant in Artarmon with a new 25kg Gothot roaster.

The next 26 years brought constant growth to the business with the need to move to larger premises in 2008 to support the contract and private label roasting production.  In 2009 the Gothot was de-commissioned when we installed our current “Joper CRS 120kg” with automatic profiling.

Gourmet Gold evolved with the coffee market – the introduction of coffee capsules and coffee pods opened up new business avenues while still maintaining tradition.  2013 brought international recognition and in 2014 Gourmet Gold started sharing our Australian Coffee Culture to the rest of the world.

Proud of our history … Share our tradition

Gourmet Gold is owned and run by the Brawn family, an ongoing second generation business with the added experience on board from a seasoned group of individuals, and now the third generation forming part of the production and sales team.  Over 40 years of experience in the coffee industry and vast knowledge in all relating market areas permits Gourmet Gold to currently produce on average the equivalent of 31 million cups of coffee a year.

Gourmet Gold endeavours to be a quality and consistency oriented company.  We are conscious about dealing fairly and openly with suppliers and our clients.  We are constantly striving to achieve and maintain a level of sustainable business practice, which is suitable and accessible to all parties.

Gourmet Gold is a company adept at not only roasting and presenting single origin beans but also at combining individual origins together to produce blends of high quality and excellent flavour that appeals to the connoisseur. There is a responsibility to the many careful hands who’ve brought the coffee this far, therefore Gourmet Gold treat their beans with uncompromising respect, and understand coffee by region. Part of the coffee master’s art is the challenge of blending coffees — combining beans so that their flavours complement one another without losing their individual qualities. For example, blend a South American bean for its smoothness and snappy fullness with the velvet body and spice of a vintage Indian, and finish them off with a Papua New Guinea for floral sweetness and berry top notes and you have a basis for a winning blend.

Combine this and by applying Gourmet Gold’s 44 Years of knowledge through their understanding of roast parameters, including heat transfer through conductive, convection and radiation. Bean reaction via endothermic and exothermic transfer, with the separation of sugars and acids in the roasting process, Gourmet Gold can transform the humble green bean into a sublime coffee experience, whether it be for:

  • Espresso
  • French Press
  • Cold Drip
  • Syphon
  • Filter

Along with the more recent innovation of Paper POD coffee where all the variations are available again. Gourmet Gold understands just which types of coffee will work together and which won’t; this is where their many years of experience in the coffee industry really does show that they know coffee!


Be sure to check out Gourmet Golds selection of traditional and new contemporary stock coffee blends as well as single origin specials and loose leaf teas here, delivered fresh to your door.

Contract and Private Label Roasting

Whether you’re a café or restaurant or delicatessen/patisserie owner, a wholesaler, a supermarket chain, or even in the export market, looking for quality and consistently roasted coffee, Gourmet Gold Coffee can deliver. For more information on Contract and Private label roasting click here or contact us.

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