At Gourmet Gold we have a range of off-the-shelf single origin coffees & coffee blends. Choose one of ours for your coffee needs or work with us to create one of yours.

Our Single Origin Coffees & Coffee Blends

AudreysAudrey’s Classic

When you’re looking for a timeless example of consistent quality then this blend of gorgeous single origins is hard to go past. Some Brazilian styling seduced by the Tropics providing a smooth caramel body and influenced by a Central American, when style and quality matter.
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Geoff’s ParisienneGeoff’s Parisienne

Not unlike the French, Paris is a distinct combination from the far flung regions of an older empire. A medium to dark roast gives this blend a smooth and heavy texture with a caramel mouth-feel along with a rich liquorice finish. Spend a night in Paris with someone you love.
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petersPeter’s Symphony

A well balanced combination of single origin coffee. Clean caramel base, Cacao bold body, Sweet berry and dark chocolate finish.
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Named after the famous coffee cantata of Bach, this luscious sweet blend was created with the intention of seducing the drinker with its simple yet sophisticated combination of beans. The Blend itself consists of three origins two Central American and a South American; it exudes a very smooth chocolate like finish, medium strength on the palette.
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A robust blend, shade grown with banana plants exhibiting sweet berry fruit and wine. Low in acidity with a smooth soft body that lingers finishing flavours of apricot, passion fruit and papaya.
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story-tellerThe Story Teller

Sweet floral notes, delicate fruity finish empowered by the pepper spice and dark sugar strength. prolonged mouth feel with a natural herbal softness.
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VictoryOrganic Victory

The cup shows grape and apple acids that intermingle with some sweet quite bright treacle, fruit and nuts. This coffee is sophisticated and well prepared. The blend provides a solid well balanced flavour with a sweet floral finish.
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Rich and heavy body, full intense tropical fruits and roasted malt flavours. Excellent clean depth to the cup, with strong caramel notes. Complimented by sweet, fresh berry highlights and a mild intensity finish.
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A clean caramel base, combined with sweet floral, delicate fruit and toasted buttery nut note. Highly aromatic, strong depth and aftertaste.
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An aromatic rich body, soft black currant with a hint of spice and dark chocolate finish.
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Coffee Creed

A melting pot of a blend. Exuding rich buttery characteristics, earthy and thick liquorice style. Peppered with sweet floral hints, full depth and aftertaste.
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Swiss Water Decaf
Swiss Water Decaf

Gourmet Gold are proud to be able to supply the Swiss Water Decaf, this is processed in North America, using the patented Swiss Water Method. A natural method incorporating, a steaming washing system which leaches out the caffeine using activated charcoal leaving both body and aroma intact. This is a chemical-free method of decaffeinating coffee beans. The Flavour is then accentuated in the roasting process that becomes evident in the cup.
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