International Women’s Day – ‘Women for Forests’- A Special Reforestation Campaign

“Women for Forests” A Special Reforestation Campaign for International Women’s Day on March 8th 2021 In celebration of International Women’s Day this year on the 8th of March Gourmet Gold Coffee Roasters will be supporting the Women for Forests campaign put together by our reforestation partners One Tree Planted who have joined forces with Planet […]

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Gourmet Gold Partners With Reforestation Non-Profit ‘One Tree Planted’

“One for One” Initiative Dedicated To Planting Trees Around The World SYDNEY, December. 27, 2020 – The Gourmet Gold Team are extremely excited to announce a partnership with One Tree Planted. The partnership complements our recent launch of our new compostable coffee bags and compostable ESE Coffee Pod packaging. This partnership ties in with our […]

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Coffee brewing: Filter/pour-over

The hand drip (pour-over) brewing method is popular in specialty coffee worldwide. It can accentuate a coffee’s acidity and provide a very clean cup. Usually hot water is poured from a specialised kettle or jug, through a conical paper filter held over a carafe. While very simple to execute, there are many nuances in pouring […]

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New! 20g ESE Coffee Pods

It has arrived… The long wait is over! Back in May 2017 we launched the 18g ESE Paper Coffee Pods providing our clients with 4 grams more worth of coffee (up until then our largest option was 14g). Now, we must admit as good as that was we still weren’t totally satisfied and we secretly […]

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syphon coffee

Coffee brewing: Syphon

The vacuum pot/syphon brewing method was developed in the 19th century in Germany and France. It operates on the same principle as the stovetop pot: Water in a lower chamber is heated to pass through a central column into an upper chamber. In this case the water and ground coffee are combined in the upper […]

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Turkish coffee pot

Coffee brewing: Turkish

Turkish coffee is one of the oldest brewing methods. Also known as Greek, Lebanese, Arabic, etc., there are many regional variations, including serving with sugar or syrup, or adding spices such as cardamom. Traditionally it is brewed in a pot made of copper or silver. It can also be done in a high-quality stainless steel […]

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French press coffee

Coffee brewing: French press

French press is an easy way to make consistent, tasty, full-bodied coffee. If you’re using whole beans, grind them at a coarse setting. Boil water and allow it to cool about a minute. Rinse the French press jug and plunger assembly with the hot water. Spoon coffee into the jug. Use 75g ground coffee per […]

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Stovetop pot coffee

Coffee Brewing: Stovetop (Moka pot)

The stovetop (Moka) pot is a staple in Italian households, and common in many countries around the world. The principle is to heat water in a lower chamber, passing through ground coffee in a basket, whereby it spills into an upper chamber. The result is something between a French press and an espresso in terms […]

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The German Roaster – Gothot Refurbishment Part 5

Our whole team was beyond excited when we unveiled our restored Gothot roaster. To say we were eager for re-commissioning would be an understatement. However, we waited until the right time to disconnect our Diedrich production roaster and make way for the German. Our team did the heavy lifting, but we left all the connections […]

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The German Roaster – Gothot Refurbishment Part 4

Our German’s restoration was rapidly nearing completion by mid-2019. As anxious as we have been to have her back, we entrusted the team at Coffee Roasters Australia to give the best treatment to our 61-year-old machine. The roaster had been torn down, surfaces stripped and cleaned, and primed for painting. And the paint is what […]

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