Our whole team was beyond excited when we unveiled our restored Gothot roaster. To say we were eager for re-commissioning would be an understatement.

However, we waited until the right time to disconnect our Diedrich production roaster and make way for the German. Our team did the heavy lifting, but we left all the connections to a veteran roaster tech.

It was not simply a case of plugging and playing: besides the exhaust, electrical and gas connections, there are thermocouples for accurate temperature reading and roast logging, and the gas flow must be optimised for proper ignition and control. Further, the roaster needs to play nice with the afterburner downstream.

When all was done it was time for a couple of test roasts, and the brothers Brawn got into roasting on the German as if it never left the production floor.

We’ll be thoroughly testing and calibrating in the weeks to come; keep watching this blog and our social media for news of the German’s official homecoming party.

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