Contract and Private Label roasting

Gourmet Gold has come a long way with over 40 years of experience contract roasting in Australia’s unique coffee culture. Allow us to help you create that desired blend, consistently roasted to perfection, so you can deliver high quality private label branded coffee specific to the demographic market of your business.


Our expertise, and family sense of tradition combined with the characteristics of your brand will captivate the senses of your customers. Let us do the hard work, saving yourself time whilst also avoiding large investments of capital in expensive, top of the line equipment.

Gourmet Gold has perfected the science behind the art of roasting and blending, selecting the right beans to create or recreate the prestige of your brand, giving you a competitive advantage over leading national brands and helping create your niche within the desired market.
Whether you are a new or established café, supermarket, online retail or wholesale, or even a business looking to use a unique product in your marketing campaign, we will work with you to build the private label program you are striving for. Using coffee profiling we are able to consistently reproduce each roast enhancing the unique characteristics of the bean origin.



If you would like to find out more about private labeling and contract roasting then contact us.

Not only does our creativity involve the roast and ground arena, but also extends to the Coffee POD market. For more information on Coffee PODs click here.

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