Through a thick veil of cigarette smoke where the beans go in green and come out brown…

Hailing from an age when the drum spun over a gas flame to the rhythm of Elvis Presley’s “Don’t / I Beg You” blaring over the radio waves as the #1 hit, both, in their own right, kings of their era, it is with great pleasure that we share with you the resurrection of our vintage 25kg “Ideal Rapid” Gothot roaster. In accordance with where it was manufactured, “zur Rostmaschine I-R HS1” is affectionately known simply as “The German”.

For anyone who is not familiar with our story, this was one of our original Rostmaschines which helped forge the firm foundation that has allowed three generations of the Gourmet Gold family to continue sharing our love in the form of a little brown bean.

Gothot was a well-respected drum roasting manufacturer and a technological innovator. The closed roasting system patented in 1969 for the Rapido Nova model, drew Probat’s attention. In fact, Probat took over Gothot around the time the Gourmet Gold story began.

For the people that have been part of the Gourmet Gold family over the past 44 years, you know the sentimental value this vintage roaster holds in our hearts and just how much we are looking forward to officially reinstate it and roast some specialty coffee on it for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop with what we have planned for the near future.

A big shout out to the team at Coffee Roasters Australia, who we decided were the best fit for a job like this. We’ll be sharing the various stages of its transformation in the following weeks, starting with the “before” photos. We’d love to hear your feedback about the refurbishment.


  1. Comment by Debra Nash

    Debra Nash Reply September 20, 2019 at 7:18 pm

    What a beast of a machine. Look forward to hearing more on the progress of restoration. ?

    • Comment by Alexander de Almeida e Silva

      Alexander de Almeida e Silva Reply September 23, 2019 at 9:17 am

      It is indeed 🙂 We will have some more photos up later this week.

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