We are spilling the beans on this one!

We have been working on this one for a while now and we are very close to launching it. It has been hard to keep this a secret for so long!

The success of the Easy Serve Espresso Paper Coffee Pods that has quickly spread to become an industry standard in the fast food franchises as well as businesses wanting to serve premium coffee without the need for skilled staff, has pushed us to create a larger ESE Paper Coffee Pod! We have been listening to everyone’s feedback and we have done it!

That’s right! The barriers have been pushed aside and before the end of the month we will be releasing the new 18g ESE Paper Coffee Pods!









What does this mean?

That’s a whole 4 grams more worth of aroma, flavour and body in the cup!

It means we are getting ever so closer to producing an ESE Paper Coffee Pod that can start to compete with the 21g double shot baskets that most cafes use these days.

In the meantime though, we want to continue providing our loyal clients who embraced this method and stuck by it with an improved product, as the 7g and 10g ESE Paper Coffee Pods are steadily phasing out in the commercial market due to the high demand for larger baskets and more coffee.







We are currently waiting on the new adapter baskets to arrive so just like with the 14g ESE Paper Coffee Pods it’s still the same method, you just need to place the respective adapter basket in the group handle and away you go!

If you would like to be one of the first to use the 18g ESE Paper Coffee Pods in your store, and claim the bragging rights that comes with this, please show your interest and enter into contact with us by email to alexander@gourmetgold.com.au or sales@gourmetgold.com.au.

We are currently offering an early bird promo if you order (3 cartons minimum), we will include 2 x 18g adapter baskets for free!   If you’re wondering, shelf life is still two years!

Don’t miss out! Early Bird orders need to be in before Friday the 26th of May 2017 to take advantage of this early bird promo! We will only be doing a limited first run so first in best dressed!

PS: Our 2017 Australian International Coffee Awards bronze medalist blends are also available in all four ESE Paper Coffee Pod formats!

Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions or inquiries! We are excited and looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind Regards

The Gourmet Gold Team!

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