Peter old RoasterPeter is Gourmet Golds director head in the clouds guy, constantly looking to the future and direction of the business. With German / French / Prussian family origins and a love for the ocean, when his head isn’t in the clouds it’s a few meters below water level freediving exploring the ocean blue.

Like Geoff his brother, Peter spent some time in Hong Kong and Singapore and loves all food with an Asian influence.

Peter’s favourite Gourmet Gold blend is one of the newest additions “The Story Teller” one of the more complex blends, although he does mention that it is constantly changing but “The Story Teller” is his preference at the moment. Try The Story Teller today.

“When we originally started out, French press and filter were the go, I find myself still coming back to those styles today. Although I do enjoy a rich syrupy espresso single shot only though, if you have to use a double you’re not really trying…” was his response to how he prefers his coffee.

Being the ocean lover he is, of course blue and green are his favourite colours.

When questioned about his taste in music there is quite a contrast to the calmness that comes from being submerged in your thoughts when free-diving. Peter has an eclectic taste in music but his love is loud fast and hard.

Favourite quotes: “Your always learning in this industry and if you think you know it you don’t” and

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but if you think you can improve it, well then…”

Peter aspires to “keep doing what we’re doing but better, build on what and who we are, whilst also finding a moment to dive in Sumatra…”

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