Meet Geoff our maGeoff our master roasterster roaster!
Geoff is a third generation Australian with ancestry from England, Ireland, France and Prussia.
Do not be fooled by the stern expression in the photo as Geoff’s favourite quote is,  “I may grow old but I may not grow up.”
Between a good laugh and perfecting your next roast, Geoff can often be seen gazing up at the sky as you hear the rumble of a Boeing 747 or something of the sort pass by. Geoff’s love of aeroplanes and everything related makes him the perfect person to turn to when your worried about arriving on time for your next holiday flight.
Along with aeroplanes, and a good joke, photography is also one of Geoff’s life long passions always readily showing amazing images caught through the lens of his latest camera.
Geoff obviously loves some spice in his life, and when asked what his favourite food was, “anything with chilli” was promptly given. Having lived in Hong Kong and Singapore, Chilli Crab springs to mind! mmmmm!
Favourite Gourmet Gold Blend? “I tend to lean towards the stronger blends, so Jumpstart is my favourite blend at the moment” You can check out what is rapidly becoming one of our most sort after new blends, Try some Jumpstart today and find out why everyone is raving about it.
Geoff can be seen starting his day having his double Espresso followed shortly after with a double shot Cappuccino.
Blue is Geoff’s favourite colour and David Bowie will be quite often heard over the humming of the roaster. Life on Mars anyone?
When questioned about what Geoff loves the most about his job his answer really sums up the what the overall feeling you get from Gourmet Gold Coffee. “Apart from loving what I do, I would have to say that it’s the people that I work with that make it so enjoyable.”
Geoff’s next aspiration is to learn another language and also how to play the piano.

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