Inline with our 40th year of roasting celebrations and because all this would not be possible without the commitment and dedication of our team here at Gourmet Gold Coffee, from the freshly hand roasted coffee produced by our roasters through to the quality hand packed beans by our packers and careful guidance from management, we make up the Gourmet Gold Coffee family. Starting this week “Meet the Gourmet Gold Coffee Family” will be a weekly post with each week bringing a new member to the stage for all our coffee lovers out there to meet. After all, a lot of love has been put into that perfect cup of coffee you now hold in your hand, it is only fair you meet the family who make this possible.

While your here be sure to check out the limited time offer of 25% discount across the board, on all of our traditional and new blends available on our online retail store, delivered fresh to your door nationally and internationally! Let us know what you think.

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