It has arrived… The long wait is over!

Back in May 2017 we launched the 18g ESE Paper Coffee Pods providing our clients with 4 grams more worth of coffee (up until then our largest option was 14g). Now, we must admit as good as that was we still weren’t totally satisfied and we secretly were yearning for that 20g to 21g mark as a viable commercial double shot.

So for the last couple of years our friends and collaborators in everything to do with ESE Paper Coffee Pods went back to their drawing boards to find solutions to the different problems involved in producing a 20g ESE Paper Coffee Pod.

Development involved designing and engineering new parts for the machines that pack our beautiful freshly roasted coffee into the compostable filter papers. Also designing a new adaptor basket that would fit into a standard commercial group head, providing just the right depth so that the 20g ESE Pod can sit nice and snug inside. They came up with the 245 ESE Pod 20g Adaptor Basket. Multiple testing of grind sizes and tamping pressures were also performed so that all the guess work is taken out leaving you with a no fuss, no mess, consistent 20g extraction every time!

We are currently only stocking our 2017 AICA Award winning Jumpstart Blend in the new 20g format.

Our next batch will also be done in our new compostable inner packaging helping to reduce landfill and providing a sustainable single serve option. You can check out more on our compostable packaging on our sustainability page.

Check out just how easy it is in the video below.

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