Our German’s restoration was rapidly nearing completion by mid-2019. As anxious as we have been to have her back, we entrusted the team at Coffee Roasters Australia to give the best treatment to our 61-year-old machine.

The roaster had been torn down, surfaces stripped and cleaned, and primed for painting. And the paint is what really shows off this good work, as well as the unit’s vintage industrial lines.

In a nod to traditional German style, the extreme heat-resistant paint is satin black over most of the body. The exhaust system, plates and trays offset this in aluminium. The gas train is a contrast in antique blue and ivory. Finally, accents of primary red adorn the clutch handwheel and the rotating drum front. The overall effect is of a racing machine from a bygone era – a powerful locomotive that can flatten any hill.

The electronics cabinet is no longer of a bygone era. It is now finished in ripple white, home to a module for telemetry, linked to thermocouples for precise temperature reading on digital displays. Laser-etched labels on the “dashboard” complete the picture of a resto-mod – a restored/modified unit that will give us roasting pleasure for decades to come.

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