Turkish coffee is one of the oldest brewing methods. Also known as Greek, Lebanese, Arabic, etc., there are many regional variations, including serving with sugar or syrup, or adding spices such as cardamom.

Turkish coffee pots, cup and hand grinder

Traditionally it is brewed in a pot made of copper or silver. It can also be done in a high-quality stainless steel pot. It is served in small tea or coffee cups with or without handles. The coffee is totally unfiltered, and the sediment simply settles to the bottom of the pot and the cups.

Turkish grind – go as fine as possible

If you’re starting with whole beans, grind them at the finest possible setting. Note that most epsresso grinders, and even some grocery grinders, cannot grind fine enough for Turkish. The ground coffee should be like baby powder.

Fill your pot with room temperature water, measured in by number of cups or to the top of the bell. Place the pot on your heat source. Gas flame is best; a portable stove or heat lamp will also work. Heat the water until tiny bubbles form.

Spoon in your ground coffee, 1 heaped teaspoon per cup, one extra for the pot if you like it strong. Stir to make sure all the grinds are wet and are evenly distributed.

Allow the water to heat and form a crema on top. The crema will begin to roil and close in toward the centre. When there is a gap the size of a 20c piece, remove the pot from heat. Don’t allow it to boil over, or your drink will taste burnt and excessively bitter.

Leave the pot for about 2 minutes to allow the sediment to settle. Pour the brew into each cup, distributing the crema evenly or according to preference.

Turkish-style coffee and Lebanese sweets

Remember there will be sediment in your cup, so stop drinking when it becomes too thick, and top it up.

The spent grinds from your brew can go into compost, or straight onto any plants that like nitrogen/acidic soil.

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