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For many people, coffee drinking is a social activity enjoyed when meeting friends in cafes, or after a meal in a restaurant at home or the office.  If you prefer to avoid caffeine for any reason, having the option of good quality decaf means there is no need to alter your usual pattern of consumption.  It is equally important that decaf coffee is produced using high quality coffee beans – no amount of decaffeination using even the most advanced methods will improve the taste of a mediocre coffee bean.

Gourmet Gold is proud to offer Swiss Water Decaf.  This blend is processed in North America, using the patented Swiss Water Method – a natural process incorporating steaming, washing and leaching out the caffeine using activated charcoal, leaving both body and aroma intact.  This chemical-free method of decaffeinating coffee beans allows the natural  flavour to be accentuated in the roasting process and evident in the cup.


  1. Choose the “250g Personalised Message” option;
  2. Choose your grind option or whole beans if you are unsure;
  3. Choose how many 250g bags you would like;
  4. Proceed to checkout;
  5. Write your “Dear…” and “personalised message” and “signature” in the “ORDER NOTES” box which you will find at the bottom of the checkout page when you click “proceed to checkout” (remember 30 words max);
  6. Don’t forget to tick the “ship to another address” box and enter the address that you would like us to send your gift to.

Please note that this is setup to send to only one address with one personalised message. If you would like to send multiple bags with different personalised messages to multiple locations you can contact me on the email below and we will get it done for you.

If you have any issues please send an email through to alexander@gourmetgold.com.au or give us call and ask for Alex.

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Espresso, Stove-top, Aeropress, Filter, Plunger, Whole Beans


250g, 250g Personalised Message, 1kg


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