Swiss Water Decaf


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For many people. Coffee drinking is a social activity enjoyed when meeting friends in cafes, or after a meal in a restaurant at home or the office. If you prefer to avoid caffeine for any reason, having the option of good quality decaf means there is no need to alter your usual pattern of consumption. It is equally important that decaf coffee is produced using high quality coffee beans, as it is for standard coffee. No amount of decaffeination using even the most advanced methods will improve the taste of a mediocre coffee bean. Gourmet Gold are proud to be able to supply the Swiss Water Decaf, this is processed in North America, using the patented Swiss Water Method. A natural method incorporating, a steaming washing system which leaches out the caffeine using activated charcoal leaving both body and aroma intact. This is a chemical-free method of decaffeinating coffee beans. The Flavour is then accentuated in the roasting process that becomes evident in the cup.

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Espresso, Stove-top, Aeropress, Filter, Plunger, Whole Beans


250g, 1kg


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