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E.S.E. Paper Pods and Conventional Coffee Capsules – Spot the Difference

This quick blog arises from the need to rectify the terminology used or misused when people talk about Pods and Capsules. More and more frequently we have people ringing and asking about “Pods”. Unfortunately due to main stream marketing the first deciphering question that we need to ask is… “Are you talking about coffee capsules […]

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“Meet The Gourmet Gold Coffee Family” – Nicole our Assistant Roaster

Meet Nicole our singing roaster! Nicole recently completed her training period and now divides the daily roasting with Geoff. Nicole comes from a barista background having worked in the hospitality industry for many years and when the opportunity presented itself to take the next step and learn to start roasting she didn’t hesitate, wanting to […]

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“Meet The Gourmet Gold Coffee Family” – Peter our Director

Peter is Gourmet Golds director head in the clouds guy, constantly looking to the future and direction of the business. With German / French / Prussian family origins and a love for the ocean, when his head isn’t in the clouds it’s a few meters below water level freediving exploring the ocean blue. Like Geoff […]

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