HOST, must be considered the pinnacle exhibition in the world for the coffee industry has come and gone for another two years, Peter attended this year with the intention of looking for equipment to enhance our packing line and to catch up on what’s happening in the industry.

It was the first time Gourmet Gold was at HOST. Companies from across the globe position themselves with the intention of displaying new or improved innovations for the coffee world, and what a show it was!

The exhibition itself covers what seems like the size of two football stadiums and probably is, and it’s certainly punishing on the feet but enjoyable all the same, at the end of the show and after much deliberation it was decided that the contract for the packing line would be awarded to Comunetti.R srl so stay tuned to see the developments from here on in.

As it was Italy, a small amount of sightseeing (read shopping) had to be included plus a good deal of coffee sampling, got to say it was really hard to find a bad espresso and refreshing that no one in Italy is trying to re-invent coffee, no slow/cold drip coffee no syphon, and no tinkering on the machine to find that elusive perfect extraction, just dam fine espresso made like it should be…

On the way to Milan there was a stopover In Hong Kong and also on the return trip. Peter likes to consider Hong Kong as his second home having grown up in Asia from the 60’s to the 70’s and he popped in to catch up with Glory Coffee run by a young couple Gloria & Jason making inroads into the Asian market, whom he had a hand in helping to establish back in 2008.

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