Meet Thomas Brawn (Tom) our new assistant roaster. Tom has recently put his hand up to take on the exciting role left by Nicole’s departure. Although new to the roasting role, Tom is very familiar with the family business having casually helped with the packing side throughout the years, (I still hear the occasional story about Tom and the other Brawn family siblings sleeping on the hessian coffee bags as youngsters). Therefore, it was only natural for Tom to follow in his father’s footsteps and have a shot at the roasting side of the business. Three months in, under his fathers (Geoff Brawn) guiding hand, and he has already found his rhythm.

As a valued colleague and team member Tom is on the quite side, a man of few words, but a hard worker. So when asked what his favorite quote was, it was a pleasant surprise to get an insight as to where his thoughts were, “It is easier for the world to accept a simple lie than a complex truth” – Alexis de Tocqueville. Subtle but complex like our Story Teller blend.

When not dedicating his time to coffee Tom loves to watch AFL and is very much so into his videogames. If given the option Tom will easily order a Kebab with hot chips for lunch.

Toms preferred Gourmet Gold blend is Geoff’s Parisienne, and loves his cappuccino. This isn’t a surprise as our Parisienne blend is perfect for milk based coffees. If you share Tom’s love for a great cappuccino you can try some of Geoff’s Parisienne here.

Tom’s favourite colour is red…. AFL….red… hmmm…Sydney Swans.

Headphones on, sipping on a Parisienne blend Cappuccino…watching AFL…What is he listening to you wonder…? “The Delta Rigs”

When asked what he loves the most about working at Gourmet Gold he promptly responded “The Control…” more specifically “the influence I have over how the coffee turns out. I love watching the roasting process, the spectrum of colours that the beans go through until reaching the desired roast specs, choosing that exact moment when I push the button to release the roasted coffee onto the cooling tray”.

Tom aspires to becoming more involved within the family business, assuming a larger role, responsibilities and duties, who knows maybe one day starting his own roasting company. Well, he’s definitely on the right path. Good Luck!

“Proud of our history…sharing our tradition”

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